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Customer safety is our priority and therefore to ensure the privacy rights of our customers, all the personal details and credentials are secured and protected. All the user information is kept strictly confidential within the organization. The Company processes all the transactions via secure mode online payment system, PayPal. We do not share the Customer's personal billing information with anyone in/outside the company. It is strictly prohibited to share or sell customer information to third parties.

The company only registers your personal information that you put in at the website. This includes:

  • Your Name
  • Your Contact Number
  • Your Email Address
  • Your Browser Cookie

We only use the customer information in the following cases:

  • To provide with the best service according to customer requirements.
  • To inform the customer about any updates or modifications in the website.
  • To settle disputes in case of any illegal practices.
  • To manage and store email addresses for calling purposes.
  • To inform the customers about any discounts or referral offers.
  • To respond to any complaints or queries that customer might have.
  • To prevent banned activities and implement our Team and Conditions

We may use cookies to store and remember browser information for analyzing and recording user behaviour to enhance our website services, content and use for advertising and marketing. The user information shall be revealed if and when required by law.

MyAssignmentHelpMe reserves all rights to slash/ modify any policy whenever it deems fit. All changes will be published on the company's official website. The customer is advised to regularly visit the page to look for any alterations in the Privacy & Policies. If and when the user signs up for our services, you are signifying that you have read all the policies and are accepting all the Terms & Conditions related to the Company.


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