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1. Acceptance of Terms

By clicking on "I Agree" on the signing up page, you agree to follow all the Terms and Conditions and Privacy policies of the Company. You are accepting and adhering to all the guidelines, disclaimers, contracts and Service agreement about which you are fully aware.

2. Copyright Statement

The contents of the website are subject to copyright issues. All the material on the website is owned by Any or all non-commercial use of the content material is accepted. However, the company strictly restricts and does not grant any permission to use the content of the website for commercial purposes. All the rights are clearly stated and the company reserves all the rights related to content on the website.

3. Rights to modify terms and conditions

The company reserves all the rights to modify any or all Terms and Conditions associated with the website. You are agreeing to send and receive electronic mails from the company. We will connect with you by e-mails or conversations or pop-ups, by publishing releases anywhere on our website You believe the fact that all contracts, realises, reports and other emails that we offer to you digitally fulfill any legal need that such emails be in writing. You are giving us the permission to maintain your user profile, your current and active e-mail address. If the consideration has been ended by you or us or you file a demand of modifying your current e-mail deal with, the statements on all past communications with us on the current e-mail deal with will be incorrect and will be handled as User not exposed to

MyAssignmentHelpMehas the right to modify any conditions at any time by publishing them on the website. The customer's contract will be effective after agreeing to our new terms. You agree to make any and all necessary preparations so that you (and not your junk filter) get all e-mails from this contact information. Your ongoing use of the support will represent your approval of the changes. If you do not agree to the changes, then you are prohibited to use the services any further. The customers are advised to read through the new terms and conditions which would be published on the website.

4. Posts not Private or Confidential; Anonymity

The website is privately owned on the internet. All the content and data received from your comments, demands, reactions, login information, signatures in the expert forum where the customer interacts with the customer support team on the website is not kept confidential or private, neither it is protected by attorney-client benefit and could/ can be used, read, and collected by others. Search engines might register any results, queries and other updates that may come up in a general search outcome related to as it may relate the results of a website search linked to your information. (For example, if someone searches on, your doubts, results and other updates on that matches the search which may arrive in search results). To avoid this and to safeguard your privacy, use a sealed username and do not mention your credentials anywhere.

5. Limitations on Use

The customer must be at least 10 years old to subscribe and sign up for our services. If, in any case, the customer is below 10 years of age, our services can only be availed by legit parent or guardian recommendation only. The declaration receipt that the company provides to the subscribers of the services belongs to the specific customer only and not to be transferred to a third party in any case, unless it has been mutually agreed over by customer and company. The subscribed user has the right to use the website content for non-commercial purposes. Only after a written formal and mutual agreement between the company and the customer, is the subscribed customer allowed to download, distribute, copy, publish, produce, sale, offer and transmit the content obtained from the company website. By agreeing with the services of, you adhere to use the content published on the website for four reference and study but not use it for submitting any assignment, course work for obtaining grades. The violation of any terms published on our website will lead to immediate suspension and cancellation of your service agreements.

6. Restricted Client-Professional Relationship

The data on this site is relied upon to be utilized for general purposes, not for expert guidance or in-person evaluation. By giving homework help/task help/mentoring, an expert doesn't create any attorney-client alliance with the client of the site. The law and government systems in your region might differ from those at expert's region or nation. Mentor in certain segments might be proficient, instructed, authorized by or have capability in a couple of segments of a particular country, yet may discuss your inquiries as we have no characterized points of confinement on openly bantering about any data. You accord that MyAssignmentHelpMedoesn't give any unsatisfactory answers.

The interactions or communications on this website are not private and are accessible to all customers using the website. We are not responsible for any private information distributed in any type and you claim the obligation of getting into any circumstance bringing about individual disturbances, an anticipated outings, risk on private living arrangement utilizing private data disseminated, theft, burglary, lawful act, restorative sophistications, and economical help (loaning/charging). You free the company from every such case perceiving that may dispose of/turn off/de-initiate any consideration whether any master - customer associations are set up. Questions - Projects you post and the responses/arrangements you get don't type the establishment for an expert - customer relationship, for example, yet not restricted to attorney-client or doctor-patient, and are not vulnerable to determinations or details of solace and additionally advantages associated therewith. will have the everlasting and enduring, non-elite ideal to utilize, reproduce, take out, alter, adjust, convert, post, execute, appear, post, trade and spread ("Use") your inquiries, criticism, and additionally the comparing arrangements without consent to you, anonymously or in the blend, for internal or outside reasons, alone or as part of different works in any sort, press, or mechanical advancement.

7. Warranty and Limitations of Liability

The company is not responsible for any delay in access to the website. The company will not be held responsible for any loss of data on your laptop, PC or network. We do not guarantee 100% error free work. Although our professional writers make sure for smooth customer experience and use secure and well tested softwares. The customer services can be suspended any time due to the repairing, maintenance and updating issues on the website. The company is not responsible for any link or equipment failure while browsing our services. In case of an unsatisfying or failed assignment results, reworks can be provided but no refund is issued whatsoever. A delivered assignment is considered as a sold product.

8. Restricted User Activities, termination or Suspension of Services

When a customer logs in to our website using their credentials, they generate their own personal and authentic user name and a unique password to use their account services. The customer is solely responsible for managing as well as securing their passwords, username and other data. The customer handles their own account and may or may not reveal their data of the account with any third party. The customer alone will be held responsible for any movement or withdrawal in the account. The customer is free to add their Yahoo mail, Outlook mail, Hotmail, Facebook as well as their Gmail account to our website for getting access to all the data as well as for getting new updates. We respect your privacy and therefore we never use your confidential information. You will immediately receive an alert mail from in case there is a potential breach and someone tries to use your account/password for any wrongful activities.

9. Charges and Marketing Services allows you to post your queries of an assignment under a single chat and can connect with the moderator for all/ any help required. The customer can connect with the moderators via online messages, emails, chats and permits to dispense the methods or answers to your queries among the extra services (textbook information, study matter, college-specific resources & glossary). The customers are required to choose a suitable payment plan for their as mentioned on the website. We keep on informing you about the latest offers and discounts and services once you subscribe. If you wish to unsubscribe from our email services, send an email to us mentioning 'No further offers required'. The services will immediately stop.

10. Acceptance is presumed

When you get an answer from the expert, your approval is assumed. The customer is responsible to check the convenience, fulfillment and exactness of all the content, solution or opinion available from the website, a connected site or by a third party. The customer can request that an expert check the originality of the content and solutions.

However, you are mentioned to get to it and explain inside 15 days from the time that you received the content. No requests of change in the originality of the content will be entertained after 15 days by MyAssignmentHelpMe. With time, you may get various specialists and you have no authority over it. By accepting your solution, you are endorsing some measure of your installment to be transferred to the account of the expert. If you feel happy with more than 1 solution, then you are authorizing MyAssignmentHelpMeto take a full payment from your source (PayPal or bank account).

On the off chance that you are not able to associate with the expert in 48 hours, MyAssignmentHelpMewill enable you to examine all the past copies of significant inquiry and answers which are associated with your question. You may get a full refund dependent on the discussion between us.

MyAssignmentHelpMehas absolute authority and the privilege to make changes or increases in its Terms and Conditions, totally or only a couple of provisos. So it is suggested you to kindly review our terms and conditions frequently. We have a customer support team that is open 24 hours per day and is accessible by chat, emails or calls, as showed on our website. We will react as fast as conceivable to any question or concerns you may have.

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